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You wish to have Blue Eyes but you have questions?
Please read this page with
paying attention.


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First of all this is NOT A SURGERY. It is a laser procedure. 


The mechanic of this procedure is similar to tattoo removal. When we break the pigments in to microscopic particles, human body washes away these particles in time. Getting sessions with intervals gives the best results.


Our laser is called Selective Laser Technology. Laser energy is applied to the pigments and this starts a chemical and biological change in the tissue that results as microscopic particles, these are cleared up by trabecular meshwork. The trabecular meshwork is located in the front of the eye and is the natural drain for fluid inside the eye. SLT stimulates the trabecular meshwork to increase the amount of fluid drained from within the eye so this fluid clears up the broken pigments as you get your sessions. Over time your underlaying color shows up.


But you must know this, laser can not choose the color or the shade of the color, its all up to your genes. We guarantee that your color will change if you get enough sessions according to your original color.


Do not expect instant color change, you have to be patient because this procedure takes time to get natural and risk free result. 

Eye color change is only possible from Brown to Gray/Blue.

Not from Dark Brown to Light Brown. 

Laser only breaks pigments. It does not dye pigments. It does not lighten the color.

This is an irreversable procedure.


8 Sessions : 2,500 USD


Full Payment is cash only on arrival of your first day. 


1 session a day. Each session takes 15 min. Eye is divided into four sections.

Each Session a quarter of each eye will be lasered.


You can have 8 sessions in a month only.

After that you must wait minimum 1 month to have more sessions. 

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How many Sessions do you need?

If you have Light Brown eyes your color turns to Blue in 16-32 Sessions


If you have Dark Brown eyes your color turns to Blue in 32-40 Sessions


Grade-0  Blue Eyes

Grade-1 Green Eyes

Grade-2 Light Brown Eyes

Grade-3 Dark Brown Eyes

Grade-4 Very Dark Brown Eyes

Grade-5 Black Eyes



Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want only 8 sessions, will i see result?

Answer: Yes but you will need more sessions to get a visible result under natural light.

Question: I have Very Dark brown (Grade-4) eyes and want i want bright blue eyes, can i have it only with 8 sessions?

Answer: Unfortunately we nolonger accept Grade-4 patients and above because patients usually do not like the color they get and complains about it. We always make sure our patients to understand how this procedure works. Laser can not dye pigments or choose color. Laser can only break pigments on top layer of the iris. The color under this layer is your color. It is blue and its shades. It takes around 56 sessions to clear all pigments of Grade-4 patient which means patient needs to visit Turkey 7 times and each time for 8 days. Since we do not do more than 8 sessions in a month, it takes alot of time and money to get visible result and it's quite frustrating for patients and us. Thus we have decided not to accept Grade-4 and above patients anylonger.

Question: I have Dark (Grade-3) brown eyes and i want green, can i have it?

Answer: No, Laser can not choose color, please do not ask or expect unrealistic results from this procedure. Laser can only break the pigments and shows your underlying natural color.

Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want them to turn in to hazel or lighter brown, can i have it in 8 or 16 sessions?

Answer: Laser can not choose color. As you have laser sessions, your eye color will change of course but it will not turn from Dark Brown to a beautiful light brown.

Question: Can i see more before/afters other than what you show here?

Answer: Yes you can see more before/afters when you come to our office. 

Question: Can i have more than 1 session a day?

Answer: Depending on your eye tension with doctor's initiative he may add 1 more session 6/8 hours after first session but usually no.

Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want to change only one of my eye, can i do it?

Answer: Yes you can.

Question: Can i have discount?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not do discounts. Please do not ask for discount or try to negotiate about payment of the procedure.

Question: Can i pay with intervals?

Answer: No. Full payment of 8 sessions is in cash only before your first session.

Question: Can i come for a consultation first?

Answer: Yes you can, Its 100 USD. 

Question: Can i pay with Credit or Debit Card?

Answer: No. We accept only cash.

Question: Do i need an appointment?


Answer: Yes you need to book an appointment. We do not accept patients without appointment.




Our professional staff are available and happy to answer your every question.

We’d love to help you get all the information you need to in order to make the best choice.

Write us and get answers straight away.
Send an e-mail:
You can also Call or Text us via
WhatsApp or iMessage from: +905330164562
Note: We do not accept patients without appointment. 
Address: Namık Kemal, Sütçü İmam Cd. No:32, 34762 Umraniye/İstanbul


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