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You wish to have Blue Eyes but you have questions?
Please read this page with
paying attention.


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First of all this is NOT A SURGERY. It is a laser procedure. 


The mechanic of this procedure is similar to tattoo removal. When we break the pigments in to microscopic particles, human body washes away these particles in time. Getting sessions with intervals gives the best results.


Our laser is called Selective Laser Technology. Laser energy is applied to the pigments and this starts a chemical and biological change in the tissue that results as microscopic particles, these are cleared up by trabecular meshwork. The trabecular meshwork is located in the front of the eye and is the natural drain for fluid inside the eye. SLT stimulates the trabecular meshwork to increase the amount of fluid drained from within the eye so this fluid clears up the broken pigments as you get your sessions. Over time your underlaying color shows up.


But you must know this, laser can not choose the color or the shade of the color, its all up to your genes. We guarantee that your color will change if you get enough sessions according to your original color.


Do not expect instant color change, you have to be patient because this procedure takes time to get natural and risk free result. 

Eye color change is only possible from Brown to Gray/Blue.

Not from Dark Brown to Light Brown. 

Laser only breaks pigments. It does not dye pigments. It does not lighten the color.

This is an irreversable procedure.


8 Sessions : 2,500 USD


Full Payment is cash only on arrival of your first day. 


1 session a day. Each session takes 15 min. Eye is divided into four sections.

Each Session a quarter of each eye will be lasered.


You can have 8 sessions in a month only.

After that you must wait minimum 1 month to have more sessions. 

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How many Sessions do you need?

If you have Light Brown eyes your color turns to Blue in 16-32 Sessions


If you have Dark Brown eyes your color turns to Blue in 32-40 Sessions


Grade-0  Blue Eyes

Grade-1 Green Eyes

Grade-2 Light Brown Eyes

Grade-3 Dark Brown Eyes

Grade-4 Very Dark Brown Eyes

Grade-5 Black Eyes



Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want only 8 sessions, will i see result?

Answer: Yes but you will need more sessions to get a visible result under natural light.

Question: I have Very Dark brown (Grade-4) eyes and want i want bright blue eyes, can i have it only with 8 sessions?

Answer: Unfortunately we nolonger accept Grade-4 patients and above because patients usually do not like the color they get and complains about it. We always make sure our patients to understand how this procedure works. Laser can not dye pigments or choose color. Laser can only break pigments on top layer of the iris. The color under this layer is your color. It is blue and its shades. It takes around 56 sessions to clear all pigments of Grade-4 patient which means patient needs to visit Turkey 7 times and each time for 8 days. Since we do not do more than 8 sessions in a month, it takes alot of time and money to get visible result and it's quite frustrating for patients and us. Thus we have decided not to accept Grade-4 and above patients anylonger.

Question: I have Dark (Grade-3) brown eyes and i want green, can i have it?

Answer: No, Laser can not choose color, please do not ask or expect unrealistic results from this procedure. Laser can only break the pigments and shows your underlying natural color.

Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want them to turn in to hazel or lighter brown, can i have it in 8 or 16 sessions?

Answer: Laser can not choose color. As you have laser sessions, your eye color will change of course but it will not turn from Dark Brown to a beautiful light brown.

Question: Can i see more before/afters other than what you show here?

Answer: Yes you can see more before/afters when you come to our office. 

Question: Can i have more than 1 session a day?

Answer: Depending on your eye tension with doctor's initiative he may add 1 more session 6/8 hours after first session but usually no.

Question: I have Dark brown (Grade-3) eyes and i want to change only one of my eye, can i do it?

Answer: Yes you can.

Question: Can i have discount?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not do discounts. Please do not ask for discount or try to negotiate about payment of the procedure.

Question: Can i pay with intervals?

Answer: No. Full payment of 8 sessions is in cash only before your first session.

Question: Can i come for a consultation first?

Answer: Yes you can, Its 100 USD. 

Question: Can i pay with Credit or Debit Card?

Answer: No. We accept only cash.

Question: Do i need an appointment?


Answer: Yes you need to book an appointment. We do not accept patients without appointment.



  • What is eye color change?
    All eyes are fundamentally the same with the difference being that brown eyes have a layer of pigment on the surface that covers the blue iris. By eliminating the brown melanin, or pigmentation, the eye would appear blue. Our doctor will asses your eye channels for pigment clearing / optic movement and various functions to calculate specific wavelength of the laser-as every patient is different due to melanin pigments and genetics. Then during each session, the laser will disrupt the brown pigments in the eye. In every human, there is a section that keeps our iris moist and this liquid continually be discharged thru vein like channels. Disrupted microscopic particles clears in time thru these channels. Laser won't effects the underlayer located in the substratum which gives the colour of blue-green-grey-hazel to the eye. This procedure has been developed and invented to adjusting the eye colour of the patients who has heterochromia or who has a different tone of colour in their eyes. Due to there are no side effects to vision, usage as cosmetic therapy is deemed appropriate.
  • Who will perform the procedure?
    Prodecure will be performed by Our Opthalmologist Surgeon Dr Osman DURSUN in his private clinic conditions. He is one of the first and most experienced surgeon who performs Laser Eye Color Change Procedure in Turkey. He has more than 15 years of experience with more than 5000 laser surgeries, 2000 Cataract, IOL, Keratokonus, CrossLinking and various eye surgeries.
  • Is there any risks?
    The results of our clinical studies confirm that our procedure is safe and effective. There is no risks because this is not a surgery and laser therapy will be applied to the iris by our specialist doctor which it is colored part of the eye. Also we will do all necessary tests before the therapy. We use most advanced microscopic SLT laser technique in the world to change the color of the iris. Therefore, it is safe, efficient and results are completely natural. ​ However be aware that there are several fake clinics with fake doctors performing laser color change therapy to get results faster via burning the pigments, which may cause permanent vision problems like glaucoma, even blindness. ​
  • How many days will it take?
    Each day 1 session can be performed. 8 Session per visit, with 1 month or more intervals to Istanbul to have color change procedure is recommended. The one must know that some thick layered patients may need more therapy to get full color change. ​
  • Will the this procedure affect my vision?
    Our laser treats only the iris. It does not enter the pupil or treat any portion of the inside of the eye, which is where important components of vision are located. Which means our laser will not affect your vision.
  • When will i see the results?
    First of all it is not an instant result procedure and there is no therapy or laser can change eye color instantly without damaging the eye but we hear that there are several fake clinics burning pigments to get instant results. If you have Light Brown eyes your color turns to gray-blue color in 16-32 Sessions If you have Dark Brown eyes your color turns to gray-blue color in 32-40 Sessions
  • Is Laser Eye Color Change Procedure painful?
    No, it is painless because there will be no surgical intervention. But some itchness may occur after procedure. To prevent any side effect we will prescribe you all necessarry eye drops/medications.
  • Is Laser Eye Color Change Procedure permanent?
    Yes it is a permanent procedure and can not be reversed. That's why the one should think thoroughly about getting it.
  • Can i choose my eye color?
    Our Laser technology is designed to remove the pigment that makes your eye black, brown, or hazel and reveal your natural underlying hue—blue or green. We cannot change your natural underlying hue. Thats why you can not choose the color. But depends on our patients its usually blue. Green is the hardest color to get.
  • Can I see before-and-after photos of the previous patients?
    We had many patients from all over the world but it is forbidden to share any information or data due to confidentiality of the patient information according to laws forced by Turkish Ministry of Health. We only shared several sample photos from our patients with their consent to give you an idea, that how it will look after you complete your sessions.
  • When can I go back to work?
    You can go back to your life without any home rest. There will be no changes in your life except the comments of your friends and relatives about your eye color.
  • I had laser surgery previously like Lasik etc. Can i get this therapy?
    Yes you can have laser eye color change procedure after your lasik surgery.
  • What about iris implants, such as those offered by BrightOcular and NewColorIris?"
    Those who are able to tolerate these implants for a longer period of time develop severe ophthalmic complications, including elevated intraocular pressure, glaucoma, permanent corneal clouding and swelling, bleeding inside the eye, and severe inflammation inside the eye. In many cases, these injuries cause permanent vision loss or impairment. Many scientific ophthalmology articles have documented these horrific complications. We do not recommend them. ​
  • Can anyone undergo Eye Color Change procedure?
    The people who is older than 18 are suitable for this therapy but the people who has anything listed below can not have this therapy; People who have "BDD" Body Dysmorphic Disorder (continuously finding flaws with their physical appearance), People who had laser eye surgery earlier than 6 months, Who have uncontrolled diabetes, Who has glaucoma, Who have iridocyclitis-uveitis, Who have intense rheumatism, Who have unknown systemic disease, Who is psychologically unstable On going medication users for their eyes. ​


Our professional staff are available and happy to answer your every question.

We’d love to help you get all the information you need to in order to make the best choice.

Write us and get answers straight away.
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